About us

Fresh Farm Kitchen

Fresh Farm Kitchen believes in providing you with the freshest of the produce that comes directly from our farms to your plate. We want everyone to enjoy meals that are healthy and are made out of the vegetables that we handpick for you from our farms. The organic food store in Sharjah and Dubai which delivers freshly harvested vegetables from its Farm in UAE to your kitchen. UAE's organic vegetables online souk. When you order at our online souq, we handpick your product at our farm, the vegetables are then harvested and sent out to your kitchen.


Where is our farm located?

In the vast greenhouses of Sharjah, our farm sits in a location where we grow our vegetables within the best of surroundings and with the help of a team of farmers who are highly educated and care what goes on to your plate. 

How do we do it?

Everytime you order from us, our team of experts handpick vegetables for you from our farms, which then goes through a process of washing and rinsing the soil off of it. Later they are carefully packed and are delivered at your doorstep.